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Reportage and Documentary Wedding Photography in London – Picture of the Week 04

As an Asian Wedding Photographer in London, my style is of documentary wedding photography, also sometimes referred to as reportage wedding photography. I put the bride, groom, their family and friends at ease and follow the wedding, unobtrusively photographing those special moments as they happen.

I have chosen this week’s picture of the week from Ekta and Neeraj’s gujarati wedding ceremony last summer. The wedding was held in the Great Room in Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London. Neeraj was escorted to the mandap where prayers were offered to Lord Ganesh. This was followed by Ekta’s grand entrance, accompanied by her maternal uncles in a ceremony know as Kanya Agaman. As Ekta approached, a screen known as Antarpari was kept in front of Neeraj, separating him from his beautiful bride. The picture of this week was taken when this screen was lowered and Neeraj saw his bride in her wedding outfit. When this happened, everyone burst into joyful laughter as they witnessed Neeraj’s reaction.

Asian Wedding Photography in London

Latest wedding story part 2 – Wedding photography of the Indian wedding pithi ceremony, in Kent

Jaemi and Viresh’s Indian wedding celebrations last month were spread over a few days. After their civil wedding in Archbishops Palace, Maidstone, and just before their Hindu wedding ceremony, they had the Pithi (turmeric) ceremony, in Kent. These rituals are about ensuring that the couple are radiant and glowing for that very special day, and involve family members ‘preparing’ the bride and groom (in their respective homes) for the forthcoming wedding. They apply a paste made from a number of things which can include herbs, vegetable oils and primarily turmeric on the face, arms and feet of the bride and the groom. The ingredients used in this ceremony are known to be good for the complexion and have been used through the ages. It’s almost like an ancient Indian Spa Treatment! All the ingredients for the ceremony are separately put in decorative bowls and are traditionally applied by brushes made of grass. The family members apply the haldi symbolically to the bride/groom’s feet, knees, hands, shoulders and head seven times from bottom to top, and then top to bottom. This is accompanied by the singing of folk songs. The Ganesh Pooja and Grah Shanti and were also performed. The haldi ceremony is a light-hearted, fun tradition, before the serious business of the Indian wedding.  Here are some images from the Jaemi’s pithi ceremonies, watch out for the wedding story part 3 soon – covering Viresh’s pithi!

Civil wedding at Devonport House, Greenwich

Priya and Hiren’s civil wedding was at Devonport House, Greenwich on a sunny Spring day a few weeks ago.  I also captured their engagement last year, followed by a pre-wedding shoot earlier this year, and their Gujarati wedding ceremony last weekend held at Lakeview Marquee.  It’s been a privilege to have travelled their ‘wedding journey’ with them and told their story in pictures.  They’re a wonderfully handsome couple who have taken a real interest in the photography, and ensured the time and space in their wedding schedules for the photos.  Hope you like these images from their civil ceremony. Wedding blog coming soon………..

Photography for hindu, punjabi, sikh, muslim, christian and asian weddings

Pre-wedding shoot Kew Gardens

Jaemi and Viresh’s Indian wedding is in a few weeks time.  They decided to take advantage of the early Spring weather to have their pre-wedding shoot in the beautiful surroundings of Kew Gardens in London.  With a couple of outfit changes, we got some fantastic images of the couple in a relaxed mood before all the pomp and ceremony of their wedding.  Jaemi and Viresh have lovely personalities, and I think this shows in their photos – a small selection are below.  Looking forward to capturing their wedding and other functions soon.

Hindu wedding in North London

I photographed Yogi and Krupali’s wedding last year.  It was a real pleasure working with them from their pre-wedding shoot in central London to their Hindu wedding in North London.  For their album, they chose photos which told their story from the very beginning of the festivities to the ‘vidaai’ (bride bidding farewell to her family) on their wedding day.  They’ve recently sent me a message about my approach to photography and the end results.  I’ve included their message and some of their photos here.

Photos by Dinendra is a London based Indian Asian Wedding Photographer speciailsing in photographing Hindu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Sikh Weddings.

“Our first impressions were one of pleasant surprise. Wedding photographers are not always renowned for their warmth or friendliness but with you we felt as if you had our best interests at heart from the 1st moment we spoke.

Your flexibility at the wedding pre-shoot made us feel instantly relaxed about the future events and we were sure we’d made the right choice in selecting you as our wedding photographer.

It was always effortless to get in touch and discuss arrangements and the way in which you looked for solutions made our life a lot simpler.

During the events, it was like having another friend looking out for us as you made sure we were taken care of throughout.

The creative photography was great and we were spoiled for choice when coming to select photographs at the end of the process. This again was done with great flexibility and the consultation you gave us as to what would work best in the album was invaluable. We now have a fantastic album that we’re extremely happy with and to top it all had a most enjoyable experience working with you that we would recommend to all!”

Yogi and Krupali.

A touching testimonial

I talk a lot about my passion for photography and in always striving to give clients a wonderful photographic experience and the best images possible.  However, it’s when these attributes are actually recognised by the clients that everything becomes ‘real’ and worthwhile.  I just received this message from Priya whose wedding I captured  in autumn 2011, to add to the testimonials on my website but I thought I’d share it here too.

I first met Dinendra at the beginning of last year for my wedding events in October.  Dinendra was warm, welcoming and down to earth but most importantly he was succinct and completely willing to listen to my needs and requests.  Not once did I feel pressured to get something I didn’t want and in actual fact he recommended ways for me to save on photography whereby he’d be willing to go the extra mile instead!!  Of all the wedding consultations I had been to (and believe me there were many!) this one was the warmest and most relaxed – I felt very much at home which I suppose is quite strange looking back on it now as not once did Dinendra drop his high-level of professionalism.

Service provided on the days
Our first shoot was our ‘pre-wedding/couple shoot’.  We must have been quite an annoying couple for Dinendra as we didn’t manage to decide on the venue until the very last minute and actually, the venue we chose ended up being closed on the day!  But despite this, Dinendra arrived promptly, didn’t complain once and happily set to work at a totally different venue.  And all things considering, the day was fantastic.  My husband who is fairly camera shy (to say the least) and can’t smile on demand (think Chandler Bing, Friends) was laughing and enjoying the shoot in no time at all – he even obliged to use props!!  Really, the photo-shoot was fantastic and we both have not just wonderful photos but also some great memories of that day.

I had two small intimate events at home which I also booked Dinendra for and I have to say I’m so pleased that I did.  Dinendra was great on the day, he got on so well with my extended family and it has to be said, he has a great gift of making people laugh (even the sternest!).  He took some lovely shots of my baby nephews which we are all very pleased with and captured every single moment of the day – he even made me look good whilst covered in pithi!  On the registry, wedding and reception events I have to admit, I don’t remember Dinendra being there for the most part (bar the portrait photos of course), but the rich variety of photos tells a very different story!!  I don’t know how Dinendra can be in so many different places at once but he was and the photos are simply astounding.  However, what I’m most thankful for about the service provided on the day was Dinendra’s concern for the smooth running of the wedding to how he knew I would want it.  He kept an extra eye on things for me and helped my family and friends solve problems as when they arose and for this I am extremely grateful.

Dinendra’s photos really speak for themselves but I can say, there is not a single photo from the 1000’s Dinendra has given me that I do not like and I wholeheartedly confess that I am a very VERY picky girl.  I’m an amateur photographer myself and I come from a very artistic family and compared to many of the photographers’ work I have seen (just regular people with off the shelf SLRs in my humble opinion ;P), Dinendra has a true eye for photography.  His passion is clear foremost in his work and the way he provides his service.  My brother in law remarked ‘here is a guy who is not doing it for the money but because he loves it’ and I couldn’t agree more.

Gujarati wedding at Copthorne Effingham Hotel, Gatwick

Bunsee and Himal’s wedding was in Diwali week, October 2011.  Diwali is a joyful, family time for celebrating light  and love and in the same way, it was a perfect time for this couple’s wedding. After a sanji (music/sangeet night) to kick off the celebrations, the civil wedding, gujarati ceremony and evening reception were at the Copthorne Effingham Hotel in Gatwick, Surrey.  These photos give a glimpse into the happy and enjoyable atmosphere of the day.


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